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ni = nisarga (sanskrit) = nature / mindfulness / nitui (bloom in latin). ■ taa = taadaatmya = harmony / peace / taactus (feel). ■ i = indriya = senses / bliss / love / ingenium (touch). In short, it means: TAP INTO NATURE


NITAAI = The harmony of our senses with our inner nature, nature around us, and the universal nature of the cosmos; enabling us to enjoy, heal, love, and empower ourselves to the fullest.


1. Inhale slowly and deeply from the nose. 2. Open your mouth and slowly resonate a long “Nitaaaaaaaaaaaai” sound. Be mindful of those sound vibrations coming out from your mouth. Repeat as per comfort. Eyes can be open or closed. Read the introduction and watch the intro video and one minute video of resonating Nitaai Meditation, the primary practice of Nitaai Meditation.


Singing, listening to, and dancing to “Nitaai” - the Sound of Nature in different melodies; accompanied by harmonium, tanpura, flute, guitar, drums, piano, or any other instrumental music. Read the introduction and elaboration and watch the one minute video of singing or musical Nitaai Meditation.

Secondary Practices of Nitaai Meditation


1. To find your nostril which is weak in breathing, try to inhale and exhale deeply via each of your nostrils while closing the other. The nostril through which your breathing is more shorter and shallower is your weak nostril, irrespective of which nostril you are normally breathing from at that time. If both seem equal to you in your first tries, then try at different times in the day, and you will surely know which is the weaker one with a shorter breath on average. This has to be done only once.


2. PRACTICE: Close your stronger nostril with your fingers or thumb and inhale and exhale slowly and deeply only through your weaker nostril while mentally and silently resonating “Nitaaaaaaaai” during each inhalation and exhalation, without opening your mouth. Your abdomen should smoothly expand during inhalation and contract while exhalation, without any strain. Repeat as per comfort.

The more you do this, the more it activates the weaker hemisphere of your brain, which is THE weak link holding you back in all aspects of life, thus awarding you mind-blowing empowerment in every single activity you do. You will instantly know what to do in every situation in life, without even making an effort to think about it. Practitioners of this weak nostril breathing Nitaai Meditation receive Nature's power, from the mental resonation of the Nitaai sound, thus single-handedly being able to change the whole world around them for the better.


“Ni” in “Nitaai” is pronounced like “ni” in “omni”. “taai” is pronounced like “tie” but with a soft “t” like in Spanish, without curling our tongue like we do for pronouncing the “t” in “tie”. This “t” is pronounced by touching our straight tongue to the inside back of our top front teeth.



“Ni” in “Nitaai” is pronounced like “ni” in “omni”. “taai” is pronounced like “tie” but with a soft “t” like in Spanish, without curling our tongue like we do for pronouncing the “t” in “tie”. This “t” is pronounced by touching our straight tongue to the inside back of our top front teeth.


Nitaai Meditation, which is based solely on the above secular and universal meanings of the Nitaai sound, is specifically for wellness and mindfulness only. Thus, it does not have any kind of beliefs, founders, sectarian rules, etc. of its own. It just helps you to become better at whatever you want to be.



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We request all global leaders, teachers, coaches, managers, volunteers, individuals, etc. in various fields to try adding Nitaai Meditation to their existing commercial or non-profit portfolios; and see the positive benefits it will award their students, thereby enhancing their own initiatives. No licensing fees need to be paid to us and no permissions are required. Introduce it or share it in your circles today!



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Antistress Foundation is a volunteer-based registered nonprofit that aims to provide instant as well as long-term stress-relief, peace, happiness, and empowerment to humanity. It does so by freely sharing the universal, secular, time-tested, therapeutic, and effective practice of Nitaai Meditation.

Antistress Foundation fully respects all lifestyles, beliefs, point of views, religions, genders, races, etc. All volunteers of Antistress Foundation are free to have their own personal beliefs and lifestyles. But they are humbly requested not to introduce them while sharing the secular Nitaai Meditation.


All video and written testimonials of Nitaai Meditation are genuine. They are from real people from our retreats and one-to-one and online sharing. No incentives have been offered in return. They are published with their kind permission for the sole purpose of inspiring one and all to become stress-free and blissful by practicing Nitaai Meditation regularly.


DISCLAIMER: We want to make it explicitly clear that the genuine testimonials we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from Nitaai Meditation. Not everyone can expect these results, results may vary by person. The generally expected performance of Nitaai Meditation in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures. Full Disclaimer. Privacy Policy.