Air Force Stress Relief by Nitaai Meditation


The Air Force is a military fighting force and it has to train people from every background imaginable from every part of the country, and sometimes the world. Not an easy task. Once you raise your right hand a state the oath of enlistment, you belong to the Air Force and are held under a different law (the Uniform Code of Military Justice). You are held to a different standard and you are expected to adhere to those standards.You give up a lot of liberties and freedoms when you join the Air force, but you do have a say in what happens during your service.

What you get


The Air Force culture isn’t perfect. One of the main reasons why people join the military is because of love for the country and the wish to serve the nation with patriotism. Some people join because they get to see the world.The truth is that enlisted members are sometimes embarrassingly underpaid for what they do. But what you’ll get by going the Air Force route is free training, skills, and a ton of benefits. Nearly free health care, free education, skills to use when you get out, and so much more.

Very stable and calm mind needed


Job in the Air Force can be very intense and taxing as it may mean risking one's life during war and combat. Extreme high mental pressure demands the pilots to have very stable and calm minds. There has to be readiness to jump into action whenever the situation of the country demands it.


High stress conditions

A certain country’s Air Force pilots were examined with a test for selecting combat pilots in order to investigate the stress tolerance. A great problem in combat pilot training all over the world has been that psychological tests have not been able to reveal the deeply seated disturbances that make persons unable to keep their behavior normal in highly stressful situations. This meant great economic losses considering the high costs of pilot training.

Combating psychological issues

A lot of research was done to find an all inclusive test to detect psychological problems in the combat pilots. Finally the test used was the "Defence Mechanism Test" (DMT). This test turned out to be very reliable with a high correlation between the test points and mistakes in demanding flight situations. DMT  is an unusually sensitive and reliable method for detecting deeply rooted disturbances in the psychology, greatly superior to MMPI and other common tests for revealing such disturbances. The most important reason is that, it does not depend on verbal responses to questions.


The Air Force department came to a conclusion that the best medication to combat psychological issues in this profession without any side effects was meditation.

Enhancing human performance by Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation is widely used  as a therapeutic tool to help anyone suffering from conditions and disorders including stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and  pain. More broadly, Nitaai Meditation has come into vogue as a way to enhance human performance in the most stressful conditions imaginable, thus finding its way into nearly all spheres of life.


When people who meditate say they are paying attention to the present moment, they may be focused on their breathing, but maybe also on an emotion that surfaces and then passes, a mental image, inner chatter, or a sensation in the body. Nitaai Meditation however takes you directly into the all-pervading Nature's frequencies and energies via the long sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaai, so you don't need to even make an attempt for remaining aloof from your passing thoughts.


Nitaai Meditation is one such form of meditation which focuses on the sound vibrations of the universe to gain access to immense mental strength. It helps the mind to gain a rare balance in the most difficult situations.


Differently from the common stress treatment and prevention methods, Nitaai Meditation apparently affects the fundamental causes of stress sensitivity. Other medications like antidepressants, etc. showed adverse side effects without completely solving the problem.

DMT-Neuman scores on stress tolerance


A group of 15 persons with the same scores who had failed at Air Force pilot selection, due to high DMT-Neuman scores, was used. Eight of them were instructed in meditation and seven were asked to use their own method to combat the issue.

At retesting after one year, the DMT-Neuman scores of the latter group were unchanged. The scores of the meditation group had improved at an average with about ten points. The introduction of meditation as part of the standard training of pilots was therefore recommended by the Four Star Air Force Colonel Hedberg, responsible for national military flight security.

Nitaai Meditation for highly demanding conditions


Various results indicates that Nitaai Meditation can improve performance significantly under psychologically highly demanding conditions. Also, Nitaai Meditation can considerably improve stress tolerance in stress-prone people as DMT-Neuman measures a key factor in stress proneness. This includes considerable improvement of Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.