Anger Management by Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation is a prevention as well as a cure for anger. It relieves us from compulsive thoughts and upsetting emotions.

Being emotionally healthy is essential for any achievement. You may count till ten, hit a pillow or go inside a car and scream. These are some of the conventional anger management techniques you might have heard and tried. For some people though, these methods don’t work. They are outdated, and we’ve been prescribing the same old things since 1950s.


Anger is often considered a synonym for danger. It is a powerful emotion presenting one of the most significant challenges for teens and parents. One in every five teens, has anger management issues. Nearly two-third of adolescents reported lifetime anger attacks. It involved destroying property, threatening violence, or engaging in violence.


Anger develops in a particular section of the brain called Amygdala. When a significant amount of information is sent to the brain, a specific hormone is released that creates strong emotions such as a physical or emotional alarm, which is said to develop anger management issues in teens and adults.


The problem with anger management is whether to take it out or keep it inside and let it calm down. If you keep these strong emotions inside, they may convert into emotional setbacks and psychological issues. It can make you resentful, unhappy and unfocused. It can make you give away your calm self and make decisions based on biased emotions. On the other hand, if you vomit the anger out, then you will ruin relationships, or create blockages in emotional connection with people which are even harder to tackle.


But a person suffering from anger management issues need to understand that no matter how well you have managed anger before, the next time the button gets pressed, you will have to handle it, all over again. Unless you find a permanent solution to this issue, it is entirely pointless to learn how to manage anger.


In fact, no matter what emotional problem you may be going through, the best way to take over your emotional self is to learn techniques that can be of long-lasting help in relieving anger, not tricks or gimmicks that may not work or work temporarily only. You need a sure-fire way that can tackle this issue and work flawlessly.


Consistent practice of a mindfulness meditation like Nitaai Meditation is a standard prescription for anger management. That’s because the long Nitaaaaaaaaai sound reduces pain and enhances body’s immune system. It also helps to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion. It is also increases blood flow and balances heart rate.


Nitaai Meditation make us peaceful and calm, help heart disease, and help us channelize our thoughts and emotions. Nitaai Meditation is one of the most straightforward techniques to manage anger effectively, as it combined sound meditation with mindfulness. The long sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaaaai creates specific vibrations that can help relieve a person from compulsive thoughts and upsetting emotions. It enables you to get out of a depressive lifestyle, and creates an ideal brain pattern to help you stay mindful, peaceful and calm.


Resonating. sing, or listen Nitaaaaaaaaaaaaai allows you to manage anger efficiently. It works as a prevention as well as a cure. Managing emotions is the first step to the achievement of any goal. When you resonate, listen to, or sing the Nitaai sound, you evoke frequencies that directly create positive thought patterns. It makes you feel better almost instantly. Practicing Nitaai Meditation with consistency makes it even better. Resonate the positivity now!