Benefits to Athletes by Nitaai Meditation


Athletes are known to have tremendous capabilities to push their physical strengths to unreal limits. In actuality their real strength comes from the mental platform.

Even the most successful of athletes cannot perform if they are under pressure and lose focus. Once the focus is lost, control over his or her performance starts withering. Mental strength is the main winning factor; it separates good athletes from great athletes.


For strength of mind along with physical strength, athletes resort to different forms of meditation. Nitaai Meditation is a widely used sound therapy which helps them focus on their goals.


Nitaai Meditation helps to improve one’s enthusiasm and motivation exponentially. Motivation is very important in sports especially when there are strict routines to be followed. Nitaai Meditation works as a strong tool in helping them keep their minds strong to resist temptations which destroy the focus and routines.


Daily exercises, which are mandatory in an athlete's life to keep fit, become very boring. In such a situation being self motivated is crucial. Nitaai Meditation helps them keep their self awareness levels very high which fuels their motivations.


Below are some of the most famous athletes who meditate:


LeBron James, Misty May,The Seattle Seahawks, Treanor and Kerri Walsh


Carroll hired a sports psychologists to teach mindfulness and help his athletes learn more about meditation so they could be “in the zone” and perform under high-stakes situations.


Derek Jeter meditates for as long as an hour at a time on his days off.


Treanor and Kerri Walsh will go down in beach volleyball as the best ever players. These two won three consecutive summer Olympics as a team. One of their secret weapons was meditation.


A famous athlete once said that your meditating experience will crop up unexpectedly. Once you are able to streamline your thoughts, athletic performance will inexorably improve.


“From an athletic standpoint, when we have increased awareness, we can adjust with greater ease,” he says. “If you’re staring at that barbell, mindfulness provides wisdom to help us let it rip.”


Nitaai Meditation is a unique form of sound therapy which is very enjoyable and relaxing. The practitioner doesn’t realize how fast the time flows whilst doing it. It creates a very soothing effect on the mind instantly and one wants to keep continuing.