Boost Awareness by Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation works as a steady, proactive, and aggressive catalyst to boost our awareness and mindfulness.

Think of your mind as a huge space which has been divided into various sections like work, home, different relationships, goals, etc.


Think of awareness as a huge ball of light which travels within our mind. Whichever section of the mind this ball of awareness travels, it lights up that area, thus bringing it into our complete focus. The more the ball of awareness remains there, the more clearly the intricacies of that area are visible to us.


Awareness brings that much more clarity and vision in any particular area, which enables us to dissect and understand it better. It directs all our energy in a specific direction.


This one pointed focus of energy sends out signals to nature to make things happen in the direction we are thinking.


The problem is we are not able to bring this ball of light of awareness steadily in any particular section of the mind for long, due to the innate nature of the mind to keep swiftly and constantly moving.


As resonate the long sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaai, the energies of nature helps this awareness to remain steady and help us focus, which in turn compels the same energies of nature to work towards making things happen in the direction of our thoughts.


We develop laser focus in all our daily tasks if we mindfully focus our full attention on the sound waves coming out in the air space just outside our mouth while resonating in Nitaai Meditation.  


This magical sync between the energies of nature and our own energy takes place during Nitaai Meditation. Just try it our and see for yourself!