Dancers Gain From Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation plays a very effective role in the life of many dancers. It is a meditative form of sound therapy. It brings awareness and mindfulness in the dancers which is crucial for all dance forms.

Be it traditional or contemporary form of dance, a dancer is required to achieve body movements. Ballet dancer James Gowan was seeking a more mindful approach to his dancing. He found meditation.Now he devotes 45 minutes a few mornings a week to it.


But he finds the benefits go far beyond the studio. "Meditation has provided me a new perspective," he says. "It really does bring a heightened awareness of what's going on around you."



1. Inhale slowly and deeply from the nose. 2. Open your mouth and slowly resonate a long “Nitaaaaaaaaaaaai” sound. Be mindful of that sound coming out from your mouth. Repeat as per comfort. Eyes can be open or closed. Watch one minute video of resonating Nitaai Meditation.


Nitaai Meditation calms the brain's limbic system. Even when it is done for a short period of time, it allows the dancer to perform at utmost capacity. A 2013 study showed that the relaxation response actually changes how genes involved in immunity are expressed.


Chelsea Keefer says that due to her meditation practice she has been able to avoid injury. Since she has better awareness of her body, she doesn’t lose balance. "It doesn't progress to the point where I have to see the physical therapist all the time."


Rehearsals can be practiced mentally in slow motion and fast motion, says Anderson. "There are studies that show this can significantly improve performance."


Nitaai Meditation plays a very important role in helping calm pre-performance jitters. This makes the performer relaxed and comfortable and be his or her true self . It allows him or her to express his or her art to the best of his or her capacity.


Being in the present moment has helped calm Keefer's stage fright. Many performers of such high caliber privately practice Nitaai Meditation before their performance.


Many great dancers state that meditation can change one’s relationship to dance.


Keefer feels meditation has transformed her dancing. "When you have meditation as your stability, you're able to go into roles more objectively. It allows you to know your worth." Nitaai Meditation unleashes the full untapped power of your own nature within you.