Dealing With Addictions By Nitaai Meditation

Addiction of any kind has the capacity to destroy one’s social and financial life for good. The victim along with his family and relatives suffer through the addiction. People have to resort to rehabs at a big cost.

Various addictive substances available in the market has caused addictions of many kinds. Exposure to various aspects of life due to internet has caused increased discontentment amongst people. They are always craving for something more which is not achievable.


There is a constant search for an everlasting solution to addictions. It is possible to gradually reduce harmful drug and opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms naturally with regular Nitaai Meditation, which is easy to practice. From the many testimonials received, we know that Nitaai Meditation gives instant pleasure and happiness.


Scientists have confirmed that the brains of people with addiction cause them to get high and crash. A 2002 study by (Goldstein et al) examined the role of certain brain regions in drug addiction. They found the brain’s happiness center, the prefrontal cortex, to be extremely stimulated during intoxication and under-active during withdrawal.


A prominent 2005 study was done by Dr. Sara Lazar. It  showed that meditators had significantly more neural density and cortical thickness. And overall activity within their prefrontal cortexes.


What does this mean for people wanting to overcome addiction? Nitaai Meditation will stimulate and train your brain to be happy and "naturally high". No more need for alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, or any other addictive and harmful substances to feel good.


Nitaai Meditation provides the brain and body with endorphins which is a pleasurable natural brain chemical. Some practitioners have stated that the natural and harmless Nitaai Meditation high is stronger than the high from alcohol or smoking. It is good to see science confirming the age-old mindful meditation.


121 patients went through an inpatient substance abuse program in a 2005 study by Scott et al. Their brainwave patterns were put into a more advanced state of consciousness using two sound waves. After a one year follow up, 77% of patients were completely drug-free.


Anyone suffering from addiction knows about the "urge" — the super-powerful impulse to satisfy your craving.


Nitaai Meditation allowing the mind to step aside from the addictive thoughts, not by suppression but by giving a more intense and natural pleasure. After the practice of Nitaai Meditation, the mind's cravings for harmful drugs reduces. These harmful addictive urges then downgrade to just another thought, powerless to manipulate you in any way.