Emotional Stability by Nitaai Meditation


Happiness! Isn't that what we all are seeking for in our loved ones, jobs and health? Unfortunately the truth is that each of these things can be taken away from us at anytime.


Trauma is the experience of a person who is robbed of any of the above mentioned things. Victims are taken over by shock and are the least equipped to deal with it. Trauma has the capacity to break our emotional spine causing us to become emotional wrecks.


People resort to antidepressants and other forms of escapism. These do not cure but eventually make the situation even worse.


Nitaai Meditation has been non-medically found to have brought back many traumatized patients to some normalcy. Medical tests are welcome.


This form of sound therapy does not remove the object of the emotional pain. It helps us release the negative feelings that arise, which may even prove suicidal. It helps us to channelize our thought towards positivity which leads to contentment.


Nitaai Meditation awareness is the spacious, calm, still, centered and blissful long-lasting feeling that one experiences every single time after practicing it.


When we learn to access and live from this place within us, we are not so easily thrown around by the changing external conditions of our lives. We are able to meet life’s challenges with a sense of grace rather than resistance, frustration, and disappointment.