Become a Go-Getter by Nitaai Meditation


The art of resourcefulness is a basic survival skill everyone needs to acquire today. There is no choice. The degree to which one is socially active, to that proportion one is resourceful. This is the primary requirement to sustain in today’s urban commercial or social world.


The conception that if one is resourceful, he or she is successful is not applicable here. The world is shrinking, thanks to internet. Everyone is aware of events and things happening around the world


So what is that one characteristic that a person needs to have in order to be successful? That one thing that needs to be cultivated is being a “Go Getter”. Some privileged people have handouts but a lot don’t have it.


Does it mean that these under privileged people cannot be successful and the privileged ones always successful? There is not a single person who hasn’t seen trial times at work or in personal life.


The top three skills a go-getter need to have are: 1) focus, 2) self-discipline 3) persistence.

And what is the key ingredient to achieve all these skills? A strong calm rationalized mind.


Life may end up feeling like a series of transactions if the mind is not in control. One of the best ways to achieve these qualities is by doing Nitaai Meditation. Nitaai Meditation is a mindfulness Sound Meditation which activates one's dormant potentials in all spheres of life.



1. Inhale slowly and deeply from the nose. 2. Open your mouth and slowly resonate a long “Nitaaaaaaaaaaaai” sound. Be mindful of those sound vibrations coming out from your mouth. Repeat as per comfort. Eyes can be open or closed.


There are no restrictions on where and in which posture one should do this in. This form of deep breathing may or may not immediately heal the object of the pain. But it releases the negative feelings that arise and induces one to experience self-control and happiness.


Opportunities always knock at everyone’s doors at some time or the other. Many a times we don’t recognize it and when we do, we are not able to take advantage. At that time, we may not be equipped to act and capitalize on it.


Nitaai Meditation works on the mind in magical ways. It equips the mind to act in the most balanced and rational way, by eliminating sluggishness. Like a smooth operator makes you capitalize on the opportunity.


Studies were carried out at Yale University. They found that mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the brain network responsible for mind-wandering. The DMN (Default Mode Network) is “on” or active when we’re not thinking about anything in particular.


Since mind-wandering is associated with being less happy, many people try to dial it down. Several studies have shown that meditation, through its quieting effect on the DMN, appears to do just this. Meditators are better equipped to snap back out of mind-wandering.


The benefits of Nitaai Meditation are really intriguing. What is most interesting is its ability of increasing one's mental strength effortlessly. The simple understanding to a layman is: more focus means getting more work completed.


Nitaai Meditation ushers in a deep sense of awareness and sensitivity. Everyday can become a day of achievement by Nitaai Meditation, since it helps us to make the most of every opportunity. Through Nitaai Nitaai Meditaiton, one becomes a giver, a sensitive human.


A go-getter doesn’t constantly feel the grind anymore. Right decisions and right actions come from within as a result.


Nitaai Meditation can become an indispensible part of our daily lives as it helps gain insight, clarity, and also cultivates greater compassion.