Nitaai Meditation Harmonics


The sound of the Nitaaaaaaaaaaai touches and heals every single organ of our body during Nitaai Meditation. It pulls the strings of love in our heart and it moves us.

Nitaai Meditation not only provide tension-relief but also help in mental disabilities. They subdue negative thoughts and trigger happy memories.


Rhythmic resonance of Nitaai Meditation blossoms creativity, reduces anxiety, stimulates the brain, improves learning, and normalizes the heart rate.


The harmonics of the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai amalgamates with resonation to create a powerful healing antidote for stress.


Nitaai Meditation is a mix of biomusicology, psychoacoustics, sound cognition, and sensory integration of the healing sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai.


Cognitive functioning, motor skills, social interaction, emotional development and quality of life are enhanced by the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai via Nitaai Meditation.


The sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai, delivered through Nitaai Meditation, is therapeutic on the physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and creative levels.


This is our humble start to share Nitaai Meditation globally. All our sharing is for free! Everything has to begin somewhere. Improving the lives of every single person on this planet by putting a serene stress-free smile on their faces is our only motivation and goal.


People will forget what you did. They’ll draw a blank about what you said. But they will always recall how blissful they felt by Nitaai Meditation.


We are at the dawn of Nitaai Meditation in this world. Future generations will gradually realize the infinite power and benefits of the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai in Nitaai Meditation.


What is in a sound you may ask? All the alleviating energies of the cosmos are present in the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai for our well-being in Nitaai Meditation.


Nitaai Meditation is the fusion of the rejuvenating sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai and benefits of resonation during exhalation of breath to heal our body, brain, and mind.


Resonating the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai enhances our vision so that we can take perfect decisions.


Reverberating Nitaaaaaaaaaaai manifests all the universal potencies of nature within and without.


Nitaai Meditation heal, cure, soothe, and massage us from within like nothing else can. Immerse yourself in Nitaai Meditation today and check it out for yourself.


Do you always want to feel a current of sheer bliss throughout the day in the background while doing other things? Then start practicing Nitaai Meditation from today!


Nitaai Meditation is the free and effective panacea for every single person on this planet. But still most are unaware of it. So let’s keep on sharing it without being disheartened.


Nitaai Meditation adds color, flair, vigor, and delight to our normal day to day activities. We start clearly perceiving and enjoying every second with full awareness and mindfulness.


Nitaai Meditation inundates our heart with love and compassion for all living beings as the sound of Nitaaaaaaaaaaai embodies the cumulative love of the whole creation.