Healing Power of Nitaai Sound

Sound Makes a Difference


Imagine yourself amidst a traffic jam surrounded with honking vehicles and frustrated drivers. This situation is sure to make anyone angry, frustrated, and irritated. Now, think about a situation in which you are sitting peacefully near a waterfall with birds chirping.


Most of us will feel calm, relaxed, and blissful. This clearly shows that sound has a deep impact on us.


Sound Therapy Has Come a Long Way


Sound therapy has been used since the ancient times to heal the human body. Be it the chanting of the mantra in ancient Himalayan tradition or the Tibetan singing bowl therapy. All these techniques have the same purpose i.e., healing the mind and body through sound.


Physical Benefits of Healing Sounds


The benefits of healing sounds on human body are immense. Pregnant women were made to listen the Kalyani raga of Indian Classical music for 20 minutes for 20 days. It was observed that the music calms down the mother and significantly improved the fetus’ mental stimulation.


Sound therapy alters the brain wave frequencies and calms down the whole body. The heart rate slows down and also the consumption of oxygen. It increases concentration and reduces anxiety.


The Healing Sound of Nitaai


Nitaai is a very powerful, soothing, and healing sound that positively impacts our body. It is a self-help sound, which opens the door to a blissful life. Each syllable in the word Nitaai has a meaning and purpose.


The Ni directs the mind to be focused and self-aware. The taa calms the self and makes us peaceful and  the i provides total bliss. It relaxes the whole body and calms down the anxious and stressful mind.


It helps us to open our hearts to receive and give love, to look at the world more compassionately. It scrapes out all the stuck negative emotions and gives us new and positive perceptions. Nitaai Meditation is one of the easiest methods to lead a happy and stress free life.


The powerful vibrations of the Nitaai sound will transform your psychological and physical health. The full benefits of this magical sound can be felt through its regular practice. Make it a part of your life and experience the showers of bliss and perpetual joy!