Let’s Talk About Healing


From the beginning of our life up till now, we have crossed many phases. Some very pleasant, and some not so much. Even at our peak times, we may have had to confront disappointment.


Things are always altering - sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Sometimes an unforeseen change in our life comes like the howling wind gives us a hard blow. With each blow, we become more conscious of our “weaknesses”, which is detrimental to our mental health.


Aim At Holistic Healing


With just a physical injury, in no time we’d be all set to go again! But the internal injuries are harder to spot and easier to bury inside. However, they still leave subtle impressions on our mind and psyche, which regular Nitaai Meditation heals.


Healing Is Broader Than Curing


Healing is an essential component of life. Now some will say, “Wait a second, but I’m perfectly fine. I don’t need any healing.”


Here is where most of us mistake the word “healing” for “curing”. Although often used for the same purposes, they are two different things. Curing is a restoration of health.


We are bringing back something that we are missing. There is an issue, there are symptoms, then there is a remedy and finally you are cured. When we talk about healing, we are discussing an infinite process.


Healing is a restoration of wholeness. How do we define wholeness? It surely includes our physical health, but it is not limited to only that.


Wholeness transcends physical health. Wholeness pertains to our complete nature. All of what makes us human - our mind, body, relationships, emotions, etc. To heal ourselves holistically, healing must take place on so many levels which Nitaai Meditation can touch and tap into.


Healing Means Self-Improvement


Healing is more than just ridding ourselves of illnesses. It is about mending, purifying, and expanding ourselves within by Nitaai Meditation. Not everyone may be looking for a cure to something, but we require healing to some extent.


Healing is a way to flourish because it is always the need of an individual. There are so many new things we can discover about ourselves during healing. The beauty of healing is that the more we heal ourselves by Nitaai Meditation, the more we can heal others.


The Nitaai Sound Heals


By reverberating the Nitaai sound, we gradually become more affectionate and begin to genuinely show care for others. When you utter the words of love, do not undermine the potential of those words. Such words positively affect the person who hears them leading to good health.


To sum up, curing is to get rid of the problem; healing means reconstructing yourself. This restoration becomes new, vibrant, different and possibly better than what you started off with by Nitaai Meditation. So technically, we should always be healing by Nitaai Meditation!


This also implies that Nitaai Meditation will be helpful to us throughout our whole lives as the healing can increase infinitely forever!