Help in Asthma by Nitaai Meditation


Asthma is becoming a serious health problem worldwide due to pollution and various other factors. Nearly 2 crore people in the US suffer from asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

Asthma is caused by inflammation and constriction in the bronchial passages, causing breathing difficulty. External factors like dust and fur can instigate an asthma attack. When attacks occur the patient is unable to catch breath, which can lead to brain damage.


The age old meditative sound therapy of Nitaai Meditation is a very effective in overcoming asthma. It can lower stress hormone levels and decrease activity in the body’s nervous system. It puts the patient in control of his or her body’s “fight or flight” response.


The deep inhalation and creating the sound “Nitaai” improves airflow to the lungs, and it helps one remain in control of his or her breathing at the onset of an attack.


When practicing Nitaai Meditation, one opens up all the channels which are blocked in normal breathing. The healing effect of Nitaai Meditation keeps the mind objectively separate. Discomfort in breathing and aggravation is reduced.