Outreach of Nitaai Meditation

2016-2018: ■ 30,000+ free antistress Nitaai Meditation Retreats. ■ Taught 500,000+ people how to do Nitaai Meditation one-to-one for self-empowerment. ■  1 million free cards, fliers, books, media, etc. shared on Nitaai Meditation to create awareness that it is indeed possible to be stress-free. ■ Sharing Nitaai Meditation with 10 million+ people online at the daily rate of 1 million daily even now. ■ The proof are the thousands of video and written testimonials we have received about how Nitaai Meditation benefited them instantly and for the long term. 

Hundreds of collages of our Nitaai Meditation Outreach, Retreats, and Sharing at Instagram.

All 7200+ recorded multimedia of our Nitaai Meditation Outreach on Telegram.