Quick Stress-relief by Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation equips the mind to let go of its negativity and stress in a very short period of time.

Since almost all of us would have experienced stress at some point and it can be transmitted from one person to the other almost instantly, stress is one of the most contagious diseases in the world. When your friend or associate is stressed, their presence or a little communication with them drags you into stress too.


Scientists found this by studying the effect of stress in pairs of male or female mice. In this experiment, scientists separated a pair of mice from each other. They exposed one of them to a mild stress before returning it to its partner. Test results showed the activation of CRH neurons in brains of both partners.


CRH neurons are specific cells that control the brain’s response to stress. CRH neurons in mice partners who were not exposed to actual stress showed changes identical to those measured in stressed mice.


Scientists then turned off these neurons in the partner mice during its interaction with a stressed individual. As a result the stress did not transfer to the partner. When the scientists activated these neurons in mice even in the absence of stress, their brains changed just as they would after experiencing real stress.


Scientists discovered that stressed mice alert their partners by releasing a chemical signal known as an “alarm pheromone”. The partner detects the signal and can in turn alert additional members of the group.


Our bodies respond by releasing a stress hormone called Cortisol. This type of stress is known as “Empathic Stress”.


Stress suppresses the immune system and increases cholesterol level. It also leads to a number of illnesses including insomnia and heart attacks.


As we all agree, that we are living in this danger zone of constant exposure to stress; be it our own stress or transmitted stress. W are prone and vulnerable to a long list of dangerous diseases due to this stress.


How do we combat this situation? Antistress or antidepressants medications are known for their harmful side-effects.


One of the best known ways to get rid of stress is by doing the revolutionary yet extremely simple therapeutic sound meditation known as Nitaai Meditation. It is a mindfulness sound therapy which increases our stress-resistance and activates our dormant potential in all spheres of life.


There are no restrictions on where and in which posture one should do this in. This form of sound resonation may not remove the object of the emotional pain but helps one to release the negative feelings that arise; and in no time makes one experience full with happiness. Nitaai Meditation taps into the energy of the universe to empower our minds. This also helps the mind to combat stress.


Nitaai Meditation work on the mind in very effective ways. It equips the mind to act in the most balanced and rational way, by letting go of negativity and stress in a very short period of time.


Nitaaaai beats the stress,

Brings bliss in the mind;

Know your true freedom,

Get free of the grind.


Nitaai Meditation,

Stirring the soul and mind;

Saying no to lows,

Always staying on high.


Hum Nitaaaaaai all day,

By resonating or listening;

Void your life of stress,

Embracing your smile.