Scale up Your Memory with Nitaai Meditation


Nitaai Meditation, being a meditative sound therapy is intrinsically linked to memory. Research proves that the resonation of the sound of Nitaaaaaaaai in repetition is beneficial. It changes the physical structure of the brain in positive ways like improving attention and memory.


So what is the connection between this sound therapy and memory? A study from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shows that regular meditation therapy causes the brain to thicken. The thickening occurs because meditation increases the blood vessel size and blood flow.


If you are skeptical about Nitaai Meditation, use investment consultant Walter Zimmermann as an excellent example. Check his article in Time Magazine, "How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time". Zimmermann explains how meditation is the cornerstone of his ability to provide his clients with high value information.


Meditation directly affects the brain's function and structure. It changes it in ways that seem to increase attention, sharpen focus, and improve memory.


Zimmermann claims that his secret weapon is daily meditation to stay sharp and remember many facts. He mediates in the morning and evening for 40 minutes. If such a busy person can devote so much time to meditation, the rest of us can too.


A study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition is worth noting. It was found that as little as 20 minutes of meditation everyday is very good. It boosts performance on timed concentration and memory tests.


You don't have to be in the Himalayas in order to improve your brain by meditation. Research has shown that Nitaai Meditation is effective in improving concentration. It is also known as meditation of “awareness” or “insight”.


Sara Lazar, a lead investigator in the earlier study mentioned above, had this to say:


"You are exercising the cerebral cortex while you meditate, and it gets bigger," she says. Similar studies showed that accomplished musicians, athletes and linguists have relevant areas of the cortex thickened.


The brain can be remolded and many authors have written about it. The book “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain”, by Sharon Begley, speaks about it. She is a science writer for the Wall Street Journal.


A study by the University of Washington put this to the test. Participants were put in high-stress multi-tasking situations. They were required to repeatedly answer the phone, check email, update calendars, and send text messages.


Regular practitioners of meditation far outperformed the others in their ability to focus and stay on task.


These discoveries about the link between meditation, memory, and attention are thought provoking and inspiring. It's becoming clear that transformation which makes your brain more focused and powerful really is possible.


The mindfulness generated by Nitaai Meditation leaves you feeling refreshed. Your mind becomes clearer even after your very first attempt. Try it now and see!