Sharing Nitaai Meditation


By sharing the Nitaai sound with everyone, it empowers you, and helps those shared with. It is the best gift of peace you can instantly give to everyone you know.


Why Share?


There are so many social services globally which deal with the physical problems of the people. It is that we also give something to the general populace for maintaining their emotional health. In fact, all aspects of the health of the people in general is deteriorating due to stress, depression and anxiety.


Let's Face It


Around 350 million people around the world are suffering from depression and virtually all the people from stress. Stress has become a household word. We need to grab hold of something which can help us in combating this stress.


The thing is, stress and depression are things only we can help ourselves with. Therefore, we are recommending everyone to try the "self-help" Nitaai sound through Nitaai Meditation.


Need Of The Hour


Just a few minutes of rhythmic Nitaai Meditation everyday can alleviate our daily stress. People are in need of free healing exercises which are effective, but also not time consuming. Here is where Nitaai Meditation kicks in.


Sharing Is Caring!


A daily dosage of Nitaai Meditation is a daily dosage of joy and bliss. Our lives become filled with happiness, and so we should "Spread the happiness and love". When people around us are happy and satisfied in life, we will also be content.


Teaching something to others which we know will benefit them gives us fulfillment and satisfaction. Such sharing also boosts our own confidence and self-esteem. And to be honest with you, however hard we are trying, we can't do it alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SHARE!


How to Share?


There are no limitations to how you can share Nitaai Meditation with others. Apart from explaining someone how to do Nitaai Meditation and doing it with them, you can also share with them, eBook, tracks, organize a retreat, etc.


Share Now!


Once you have learnt Nitaai Meditation and you practice, you have automatically become a Nitaai Meditation teacher, since it is so easy to practice and share. Whether you teach or share it for free or charge a fee is up to you. But do share and help us to make the world stress-free! Let's do it together!