Singing, Listening, Dancing Nitaai Meditation


Singing Nitaai Meditation

Singing Nitaai Meditation is the mindful singing of the Nitaai sound by yourself or in a group. Your singing can be accompanied by any musical instrument of your choice. It is one of the easiest but most effective ways to de-stress. it also includes listening Nitaai Meditation and dancing Nitaai Meditation.


Choice of Smart People


We tend to overuse our brains by thinking endlessly as well as aimlessly. This overuse neither lets us stay in the present moment, nor helps us in forgetting our past. Wise men realize this is a huge loss so they stop unnecessary thoughts.


Among these wise men, there are some who adopt difficult means to calm their heads. Others go for easier paths to the same end. If you identify yourselves with the latter, then singing Nitaai Meditation is for you, because it’s easier.


Singing is inherent in humans and has been integral to human societies across the globe. We all have an urge to sing and to hear others sing. No matter if today we think “I can’t sing”, we have done singing throughout our lives.


Neglect Anything But Singing


Not everyone is a singer, but everyone can sing. Singing is performed mostly by people with musical talent and a mellifluous voice. However, as a therapeutic exercise, it can be practiced by one and all.


You don't need to be a professional singer to reap the myriad benefits of singing. You can benefit yourself simply by being a bathroom singer. Then, why do we choose not to sing?


Why do we keep telling ourselves that we cannot sing? Despite feeling good by singing, why do we neglect it? Perhaps, we have not taken it that seriously as it really is.


When we sing the Nitaai sound aloud, our mind becomes still. We are able to absorb the healing and relaxing sound vibrations of the Nitaai sound. Listening happens automatically when we do singing Nitaai Meditation, and dancing too.


It Feels Good


It is true that we feel good by singing Nitaai. But why? Actually, when we sing, the brain's "feel good" chemicals known as endorphins are released.


They are associated with feelings of pleasure. Another delightful hormone that is released during singing Nitaai is oxytocin. It has been found to alleviate stress and anxiety.

It also hikes feelings of trust and bonding. Thus, singing Nitaai is also an effective way of curbing depression and loneliness. Even dementia patients and those struggling with other similar afflictions are also benefited a lot by mindful singing of Nitaai.


We feel good by singing Nitaai because it releases our repressed emotions and feelings. We feel very light at heart and mind. Sometimes we try to hide our emotions so much that they create blockages in our heart.


We feel disconnected from ourselves, not to speak of others. Singing Nitaai can make us cry and it can make us laugh too. But it somehow paves the way for self-exploration and self-growth.


Lastly, singing Nitaai is also a natural painkiller. It gives us the strength to cope with grief, great losses, and disappointments in life. We hope you don’t have to test this benefit of singing soon.


Will Miss You, Stress!


We naturally become mindful of the present moment while doing something that we relish. That is how singing tricks us into mindfulness as we all naturally and biologically enjoy it.

Listening Nitaai Meditation


Listening Nitaai Meditation is the most enjoyable yet the simplest practice of listening to soothing Nitaai sound. It makes us peaceful, cheerful, fulfilled, and wise. The Nitaai sound is so enchanting that no amount of stress can withstand it for long. 


Old Trusted Friend


The quest to quiet the mind is not just today's trend, but the need of the hour. It has become important to explore avenues of peace and happiness, whether super-ancient or hyper-modern.


One of the most popular and cherished outcomes of this mass exploration is music. Music is not only considered a hobby, a recreational activity, or a passion. It is reckoned as a meditation for the seekers and a healing therapy for the distressed.


The healing sound chants of the ancient Asian cultures are testimonials of its immemorial roots. The science behind the positive effects of music may not be known but we love it. To sum, music is the old trusted friend of humanity that has helped and healed.


Power of Music


From a scientific point of view, music precedes even language. The capacity to perceive differences in rhythm and melody is a core function in our brains. Our brains are wired to respond to music quite well.


Another scientific research shows that day-old infants are capable of detecting differences in rhythmic patterns of music. When we used to cry as infants our mothers used to sing lullabies to calm us. Even today when we are sad, we often take the help of music to calm us.


Auditory Diet


What would your ears like to have for dinner? Strange question, right? Yes, our ears also eat.


The mouth eats food. The ears eat sounds. We know eating healthy food keeps us fit.


Similarly, hearing healthy sounds also fosters health, happiness, and wellness. This is what listening Nitaai Meditation is all about. It ensures that our auditory diet becomes wholesome and nutritious.


Just like we have superfood, listening Nitaai Meditation presents the super sound of Nitaai. Different sounds have different effects. There are sounds that soothe and heal us like Nitaai.


There are unpleasant loud sounds which can create imbalances in our mind and also impair our hearing. In our environment, we are exposed to so many different sounds. We must choose wisely what we take in, whenever we have a choice.


Goodbye Mental Noise


A noisy atmosphere is better than a noisy mind. We move away from external noise but fail to keep away from our internal voice. When we keep hearing this internal voice more than required, it becomes mental noise.


Mental noise is internal chatter that continues from when we wake up to when we sleep. In fact, many a time it does not even let us sleep. Listening to Nitaai sound, Nature's own sound, transforms our own mental noise into music.


“Eliminating” mental noise leads to inner peace.  “Transforming” it into music gives rise to glee. Save your time and energy by saying a musical goodbye to mental noise via listening Nitaai Meditation.


Words Have Power


Sometimes our mood, sometimes our mind, and sometimes our very life changes by words. A single word, sometimes, changes the very pace of our heartbeat. Words can impress us, words can depress us, and words can make us flourish.

A strange sound in darkness sends us there and the comforting voice of the beloved removes all pain. Who can deny the mighty influence that words exert on us? The guided Nitaai talks utilize this power of words to empower and heal you.


Set the Right Frequency


Our brains operate in different states of consciousness. Each state has its unique frequency which is measured in Hertz (Hz), that is, cycles per second. The Nitaai sound tracks facilitate a shift in our brainwaves into deeper states of consciousness.


Our fluctuating brain waves need a stable frequency with which they can get synchronized. Listening to Nitaai makes it possible for us to shift our waking consciousness to deep relaxation consciousness. It can enter deep meditative and deep sleep state.


Good Health, Sound Sleep


The Nitaai sound becomes more effective especially when heard repetitively in the form of music. Nitaai sound acts therapeutically both emotionally and physically. It leads to the release of pain-relieving and pleasure-giving endorphins.


It is an easy and quick way of uplifting our mood. It instantly boosts our morale, creative thinking, and overall well-being. It makes us better listeners and enhances our inner and outer beauty.


Unprecedented Empowerment


When the Nitaai sound tracks and talks are heard repeatedly, they gain a deep meditative character. These sound vibrations then gradually penetrate our whole being, causing overwhelming relaxation. They heighten our awareness and upgrade our intellect.


Listening Nitaai Meditation not only stimulates our dormant potential, but it also empowers our whole body. It enhances our endurance, poise, balance, and stability.


Easy to Practice


Many people find a great challenge in successfully integrating meditation practice into their daily routine. We are experts in avoiding the formation of positive habits. Amidst distractions, we find it difficult to hold on to a fixed schedule for meditation.


A key feature of listening Nitaai Meditation is it can be made part of our lives with ease. You can simply listen while doing almost everything, from household chores to working in the office.


A Potent Antidepressant


Listening Nitaai Meditation drives away all negative emotions and releases tensions accumulated throughout the day. It is a very potent antidepressant that acts instantly and has no side effects. It helps our personalities bloom by unwinding and giving our hearts optimism and strength.


It is an infinite flood of hope for those who are depressed. Listening to Nitaai prepares us well for Nitaai resonating Nitaai Meditation, and vice versa.


How to Listen to Nitaai?


First, you need to get good quality earphone or speaker for the best experience. Then you simply need to start playing the Nitaai multimedia online from our website or podcast. Play any Nitaai track based on your choice or need.


Focus on the sound vibration and synchronize your mind with the flow of the music or talks. Listening deeply to the Nitaai sound is the key to unlocking its hidden potential. If your mind begins to wander, bring it back to the Nitaai sound.


During listening Nitaai Meditation, you can meditate on the sound. You can also sing along if you wish. You can keep on listening unconsciously while doing other things too. 

Dancing Nitaai Meditation


Dancing Nitaai Meditation is a form of dancing to the sound vibrations of Nitaai music tracks. The practitioners are encouraged to dance in their own unique ways. There are no specific or structured dance movements that are to be learned by the practitioners.

Although purely for recreational purposes, one cannot avoid enjoying its numerous health and wellness benefits. In a group, a lively Nitaai Meditation retreat is often followed by a spirited dance.


Language of the Heart


Just like singing, dancing is also one of the major languages spoken by our heart and inner self. We are able to express some emotions via our speech. But there are some emotions which need other alternative outlets.


Dancing is one such outlet that allows us to express our feelings through our body movements. It removes our emotional blockages.


This language of dancing is closely associated with the language of music. In fact, dancing is the climax of music. Dancing, mostly, implies the presence of music.


There are emotions which we are not able to express via speech; we use music. But there are some emotions which we are not able to express even via music.  For them dancing is the path of expression.


Dance with Nitaai and Be Happy


Dancing with Nitaai sound is an excellent way to relax and elevate our mood. Natural antidepressants are released in our body when we dance. That is why our body and mind feel very light after dancing with Nitaai.


Who says one needs an occasion to celebrate? We can dance every day with the Nitaai sound and make our life joyful. We can’t just wait for auspicious occasions which may or may not come.


Whenever possible, we should try to dance with our dear ones with the Nitaai sound to strengthen bonds. In short, "Let’s dance and be happy!"


Joyful Weight Management


Dancing is a fun way of losing weight by burning calories out of enjoyment. There are so many ways of burning calories but dancing  is good. Obviously, if we are looking for a deeper activity, then Yoga is surely a great option.

If losing weight really matters at the moment, then certainly we must go for dancing. It is something our mind, body, and especially our tummy, will truly relish and love. Dancing with Nitaai not only helps us lose weight, but also leads to the development of extra strength.


Overcome Mental Fears


In our early childhood, we were never shy away from dancing. But as we grew up a little, the shyness grew as well. With further growth, for many of us, dancing in front of others became a mental fear.


When we push ourselves to dance, all other mental fears also start fleeing from the mind.

The first step towards overcoming our fears is the acceptance of them. When we dance to the Nitaai sound, we are able to release our fears by accepting them.

Dancing with Nitaai Heals


Physically, dancing with Nitaai improves our cardiovascular health, bone strength, muscular strength, motor fitness, balance, and flexibility. Even though the act of dancing with Nitaai is quite physical in nature, it has subtle effects too. When we move our bodies while dancing with Nitaai, we are able to release pains.


Wilhelm Reich, a famous psychoanalyst, showed how negative emotions could be addressed with different body movements. Thus, dancing with Nitaai surely heals us from within and without.


Unleashes Creativity


An impromptu speech is quite different from a prepared speech. If we have to give a prepared speech, then our brain is not really expected to use its creative potential. However, if we are to speak impromptu then we can really activate and expand our grey matter.


Similarly, the greatest advantage of freestyle dancing with Nitaai sound, is that it gives us the chance to be as creative as possible. In every single moment, we have the freedom to 'create' our own new moves. Furthermore, the Nitaai sound stimulates the dormant creative potential of our mind.


Mindlessness in lieu of Mindfulness


We all know very well that mindfulness is glorious. But dancing to Nitaai music tracks is a special technique that deals with mindlessness. Mindfulness refers to a state of awareness.


When that awareness is completely absent, such a state can be described as mindlessness. Mindlessness is completely different from mindfulness, but the positive results  are not so much different. Mindlessness is, in fact, a greater achievement than mindfulness.


Dancing to the Nitaai sound paves the way for us to experience mindlessness and its extraordinary benefits. We start with meditative dancing focused on the Nitaai tracks and lose awareness of our own body and mind. When we reach this state of mindlessness, we experience unprecedented joy, relaxation, self-transformation, and healing.


How to do dancing Nitaai Meditation?


➤ Start with basic warm-up exercises.

➤ Then, play any Nitaai track of your choice.

➤ Start moving your body slowly.

➤ Try to generate your unique dance moves based on the music and your mood.

➤ Blend your body and mind fully with the Nitaai track.

➤ If you wish, you can sing the Nitaai sound along with the track.

➤ Finally, break all internal and external barriers. Give up all hesitation and dance your heart out.

➤ Once the track is over, relax your body by standing still for some time. Take a few deep breaths.

➤ And then if possible, lie down for some time for complete relaxation.


Benefits in brief


➤ Fun way of burning calories and weight management.

➤ Improves lung and heart health.

➤ Boosts muscle and bone strength.

➤ Increases endurance, stamina, motor, and aerobic fitness.

➤ Makes you more agile and flexible.

➤ Elevates mood and curbs depression.

➤ Unleashes creativity.

➤ Removes emotional blockages; makes you more expressive.

➤ Empowers you to overcome mental fears.

➤ Awards a healing state of mindlessness.