26 Tips of Nitaai Meditation for 2019

The beautiful natural frequencies in the cosmos are felt during Nitaai Meditation, as they are pulled towards us through the medium of resonating, singing, or listening to the long Nitaaaaaai sound.

Don't give up on your dreams

Let your dreams change your reality and not vice versa. Don’t give up on your dreams just because they look impossible to achieve right now. Successful people are those who strived even in the worst odds. And don’t be shy to take the help of Nitaai Meditation to achieve these dreams. The cosmic frequencies of Nature in the form of the Nitaaaaai sound boost the probability of our success exponentially.

Friends help reduce our stress


The people in your life should be the cause of reducing your stress, not increasing it. Those are our real friends. They adjust and go out of their way to decrease our stress. Meet up with them offline or online and try resonating, singing or listening to Nitaai Meditation together. Your joy will turn into sheer bliss and stress will become a thing of the past.

Start enjoying now


Don’t live only with the hope to enjoy in the future. That may never materialize. Start enjoying today, right now! Live in the moment. Live and enjoy daily as if it is your last day. The Nitaaaaai sound, which is the bliss of Nature and the Cosmos, is available to you 24/7. Resonate it, listen to it in the background, and share it to enliven your life and enjoy even the most boring tasks in the day.


Bright future for our youth


Our kids and youth have a developing brain, heart and bodies; which need both physical and emotional nourishment and enrichment. Sound can reach all the organs of the body through our ears. Thus, Nitaai Meditation is the panacea in today’s fast-moving world to sustain, protect, and enliven every single molecule in their bodies and prevent degradation, thereby unfolding a very bright future for our youth.

Strike all problems at the root


There are two ways of solving problems. Either find solutions to each one of them individually or find an universal solution which fixes all problems. Such a solution has to have its roots in Cosmic Nature, since it is everywhere. And that is precisely what Nitaai Meditation is. Strike down and uproot all your problems in just one stroke by resonating, listening to, and sharing Nitaai Meditation daily.


We worry about your stress


Everyone worries about their work and lives. So we, at Antistress Foundation, worry about their stress. By sharing Nitaai Meditation selflessly, we want to put a stress-free smile on everyone’s faces, even when they are in the most stressful situations. That is the real test of how instantly effective Nitaai Meditation is. We are so confident that it gives relief in all kinds of stressful situations, because we have thoroughly tested it on ourselves for decades.


Enjoy your work


The purpose of life is to enjoy what we do to the fullest. It is not to stop activity, because we can’t do that even if we want to. It is also not to work mindlessly and make it a burden upon you. Take in your dose of Nitaai Meditation daily and see how you will start relishing every single moment of your life with a constant background current of nature’s bliss, irrespective of how interesting or boring your task is.

Loving others is not a luxury


Our heart becomes constricted by our preconceived judgements and opinions of others. Hence loving others becomes a luxury. Break out of this lonely and dry deadlock by resonating, listening to, and sharing Nitaai Meditation today. Nitaai Meditation reach our hearts and unfurl our love, respect, emotions, feelings, sentiments, appreciation, understanding, kindness, compassion, and empathy for our own selves and for everyone else.

Feel Nature's vibrations in you


Life means vibration. Without vibrations, we are dead. Set your own vibrations in sync with Nature’s universal vibrations by resonating, listening, and sharing Nitaai Meditation daily. Feel the protection of Nature throughout your day and night. Why to remain alone when we can have the power of the whole cosmos behind us at every second of our lives via Nitaai Meditation?

Subtle whispers and intuitions


Real inspiration and innovation strikes us in whispers and subtle intuitions. To raise the frequency and intensity of these whispers, practice resonating, listening to, and sharing Nitaai Meditation daily. You will quickly turn yourself into a walking powerhouse of unimaginably creative ideas.

We don't care for our own profit


We, at Antistress Foundation, believe in the great power of the internet to help millions online to become stress-free and blissful by Nitaai Meditation. We don’t expect anything in return except a stress-free smile on your faces after practicing it. That is why we share and transmit Nitaai Meditation for free online, so that they can reach and help every single person on this planet. In real life antistress retreats, which we also conduct side-by-side, we reach only some handful of people, and that too after weeks of tireless organizational efforts and resource management.

The best form of all revenge


The best revenge on those who deliberately harm us is to disconnect from them and forget them forever. So many hurt us nowadays in different ways. How many will we take revenge against? Will we allow our lives to be dictated by those who hurt us and in this way keep on living in their shadows? I think not. Instead, we should channelize that rage internally for self-betterment, which is exactly what Nitaai Meditation do.

If you learn, it is not a setback


A setback in life is a setback only if you don’t consider it as a valuable lesson which you just had to learn in life. Even if it has been a great loss in your life, the fact is that you are still alive and have a future waiting for you in the precise way you will make it. So just let it go! Start looking forward to the future with the ultimate optimism which is generated by the regular practice of Nitaai Meditation.

Always over-deliver than what you say


The smarter you get, the less you speak, and the more you do! Example speaks louder than words. Empty vessels make a lot of noise. Work hard and nothing is unattainable. Especially, if you have the full power of the cosmos and your inner nature behind you, due to your regular practice of Nitaai Meditation.

Exceeding expectations


The real success of our lives is to become someone better whom nobody thought we could ever become. Exceeding everyone’s expectations is next to impossible without assistance from cosmic nature and our inner nature. Both these natures start syncing in harmony by Nitaai Meditation, unleashing our full potential.

Get help from Nature


It is very difficult to believe in yourself especially when majority of the people in this world don’t believe in you. Nitaai Meditation put us in direct union with the infinite frequencies of Nature’s so we never feel alone. It is like the strength-giving vibrations of the empowered people in the past and present speak to us via Nitaai Meditation and become our guiding lights.

Walk the Talk


Make a change in this world by your actions and example, not only by your opinions. Walk the talk! Anyone can speak but only some act. Nitaai Meditation propel us to act according to what we conceive in our minds by charging up every single atom in our body with the cosmic frequencies.

Transform your outlook about others' opinions


People are so troubled nowadays of what others think of them that some go into depression or even commit suicide unable to bear that. Daily Nitaai Meditation will transform your perspective of these otherwise sharp destructive arrows of others’ opinions about you into their acceptance as useful constructive lessons to help you develop an even better version of yourself.

Think small and you will remain small


To attain the world, you should be ready to explore the means which no one has even dreamt of trying before. Think small and you will remain small. Nitaai Meditation raises our consciousness to sync with universal frequencies, putting infinite possibilities at our fingertips.

Be fully aware of what you are doing


Sometimes to achieve something, you have to work in a way which looks like that something is not your priority. Let others misunderstand you for that. The only thing which matters is that you are fully aware of what you are doing. This mindfulness comes by Nitaai Meditation.

Be simple to know yourself


The more simple we are, the more we know ourselves better. There is no greatness where there is no simplicity. Developing it needs an equally simple technique. Eliminate mental clutter by Nitaai Meditation.

Innovate to perfection


Stay committed to your goal, but always be flexible in your approach. This innovative and creative part of our brains, which increases our hunger to always try for new ways for perfection in our work, is nourished by Nitaai Meditation. Try it now and see for yourself!

Work hard with focus on your goal


Train yourself to work hard for what you desire the most, not just what you desire right now. You can remain focused on these cherished goals of yours always by practicing Nitaai Meditation daily. Bring back the focus now!

Let go of the past in your mind


Leave worrying about your past, present, and future. Relish every moment in 2019 with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues; as it will never come again. Be present always in the present by Nitaai Meditation! The rest will take care of itself. Fill the ocean drop by drop.

Do share Nitaai Meditation in 2019


Happy New Year to all. A brand new 2019! A new reset for us to commit ourselves to enjoy every second of our lives to the fullest by not forgetting to resonate, listening to, and singing Nitaai Meditation daily. Do brighten others’ lives too by sharing Nitaai Meditation with them.